Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Marchness = goodness

top 10 reasons why this month is great

10. colorful spring flowers are everywhere
9. spring break
8. short family vacation
7. it's my birthday month
6. turns out Easter is in this month sometimes (I love Easter!)
5. school field trip to the zoo
4. my bro and sister in law are getting this cute puppy, Sydney, this month
3. turns out it snows in this month (we had snow Monday night and are expecting more snow this Thursday...who knew!? what a cool month!)
2. i might get to go to Boston this month
1. we can start wearing white everything!


kjsonntag said...

1. i love the puppy pic!
2. i wish you were coming here ... but maybe you are in the near future!?
3. i miss you!
4. i love spring, march and easter. this is one of the millions of reasons we are such good friends ...

The Rhodes' said...

hey girlie! Cute puppy!maybe you could update more than once a month! ;)