Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I'm baaaaack!

I think I'm gonna jump back on the blogging bandwagon...I'm not committing, people...just thinkin. I have a whole other child now! Where will I put all these stinkin adorable videos of all her firsts? I have to do it.  I think I remember enjoying it. Ok. I'm just gonna do it.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

guest blogger-Tanner, T-rex, T-bone, T-diddy

"Hey Guys. Guess what? I got my first spankin' on Tuesday. It wasn't pretty. Do you wanna know what I did? Well, I looked right at my mama with an 'I'm the boss' face and gave a big 'ole high five to my Pops' fancy TV. You know, the one that I know I'm not allowed to touch."
It's true. It happened. My hub and I have known that the time for spanking was coming, but we still were unsure as to what willful disobedience would look like. Don't get me wrong, we've had glimpses up until now, but nothing hard core...mostly just rule reminders. I'd been praying consistently for the past week for guidance...and when he made that face at me, I knew. I'm not gonna lie, it was one of my least favorite mama moments ever. After I spanked him, he had a tear in both eyes and turned around to hug my neck. We had a sweet moment of reconciliation and then he ran off to play with "melmo" (elmo). "That's when my eyes began to get a little bit of wet in them" (thank you junie b. jones). This discipline thing is hard! I'm so thankful to have mommy friends going through this with me. My dear friend Shellie sent me this verse...SOOOOO good! Soak it up all you mama's out there, and keep up the good work!
"No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it." Hebrews 12:11
Gosh I needed to hear that!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

cancun with the esposos!

peace out! this mama is off duty! we celebrated our 5 year anniversary and shellie & brian celebrated shell's bday. cheers amigos!

First afternoon by the beach. We couldn't believe we were actually in cancun! aye aye!
That's right...my suit looks like rainbowfish. All I need is one sparkly fin...

the handsome esposos. thankful that the hubs had each other b/c shellie and I were perfectly content sitting in the sun reading all day...the boys, not so much.

did I mention we pretty much read all day :) We did take breaks, however, to chat about what was happening in our book, point out a cute swimsuit, get a bev or pizza, talk about our sweet babies, play a little bump-set-spike with the hubs in the pool...but most often you could find us looking like this above.

love them. time. of. my. life.

oh hub...you are never this serious

All this to say, the trip was a dream. great time with great friends. lots of fun memories-ready to go again! Thank you camp grammy & pops for taking excellent care of t-rex, and making this all possible :)

Friday, May 6, 2011

My Granddaddy

My Granddaddy went to be with His Lord this morning at 1:27am. I was already awake when I got the text at 2:20-I could feel it coming. Weird...but then again, it's not. The Lord cares for us in unique little situations like that. It's just His kind nature to ready me and sit with me through it. While I sat there in the dark I began thinking about what he would say to me...what he has said to me through his actions. This process brought a lot of happy tears. Here are just a few...no doubt I will come up with more throughout this process.
Find someone your heart loves , and then choose to keep loving them each day. Man, he was good at that!

Put others needs before your own. I often remember my Granddaddy massaging my Nonnie's feet. It didn't matter where we were, he wanted to make her comfortable and serve her...even if we were at the arboretum. :)

Be passionate about the things you love. He loved education and learning. All things LSU. Trains got him going. His family was precious to him.

Play hard through life with the ones you love. I miss him already.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

my hub ROKS

Reason numero 1
1. He doesn't get stressed out in target when T-Rex starts screaming in a deafening key. I looked at him very seriously and said, "get us to the check out line as fast as you can." He started running with the shopping cart, looked over his shoulder expecting me to tell him to stop you silly man...but all I did was nod in approval. That's what I'm talking about.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Rosi Over Here

I just have to tell you that I love Rosi Golan. Do you know about her? Do you need some drivin' around town (well...Richardson) windows down (not all the way down though...all the junk in my car would fly everywhere) springtime music? She's it. A few downloads I recommend-Think of Me, Slide, I Don't Wanna Wait, Yesteryear, Come Around, and Hazy. Thanks to my Hub for always finding me great tunes...without you things grow hazy :) I love that guy!

Friday, February 25, 2011

who knows...

where this post will lead me...here goes. So the latest thing we've been up to is this cra-zy workout and nutrition plan called insanity. No lie-it's insane. We've done the mealy thing for two weeks and of course my hub is dropping the poundage right and left. ridiculous. (he has been keeping a food journal to keep a record of his calories...which i want nothing to do with...after all, that would mean I would have to write down that AMAZING bunkies donut a friend gave me this morning, shoot, and the package of m&m's another friend gave me yesterday. Man, i have great friends...they really are standing beside me on my fitness journey. :) We've only actually worked out 4 times (mainly because we are giving so many hours of our lives to american idol) but you just wait..we're about to kick it into high gear.

next topic: uh...Tanner. He randomly reveals words he knows. Yesterday morning I sneezed and he said "bless". Who taught him that! Freaky! We were walking up to Target and all the sudden he shouts out, "Bi!" he was pointing to a bike. Are you kidding me. Made me think twice this morning as we danced to my potty mouth workout mix...gotta do somethin' about that.

next: um..I've GOT to get one of my favorite candles TODAY! My house smells like salmon...but only because I actually made salmon. Don't worry. In case you were wondering, my dream candle is one of the volcano ones that Anthropologie is often burning at north park. I could live in that store. no joke.

next: Brooks..can't wait to see your face tomorrow at the park!
random pics:

Valentine's Day playgroup
Jack and Kai
Tanner & Sawyer

First time I let T hold his own juice box. Death grip

Bath time at Grammy & Pops. Thank goodness for the strainer

Valentine's Day playgroup

He loves his hat, and his "bell"

Thursday, September 23, 2010

busy busy busy

Tanner & his bestie, Sawyer

peek-a-boo, Momma!

Tanner, Braysen, & Jack in the kitchen

Jack & Tanner, future chefs?

T could spend all day in that Colorado grass

Daddy & T at a soccer game

loved hiking

Tanner & Sawyer livin' it up at little gym

just cute :)

Friday, May 28, 2010

so squeezable

first time eating toes

Tanner loves his first sippy cup!

Here we are with Mrs. Heather and little Miss Emerson. Emerson was Tanner's first friend, and Heather was my first mommy friend. We met at the first time mommy class at Watermark community church. We had the priviledge of going through the first 6 months of motherhood together since our babies are only 5 days apart. Sadly, our best buds just moved to Tennessee :(
We miss you SO much!

Tanner and Emerson fighting over Sophie the giraffe

Tanner always finds a corner. Pretty cute tooshie and piggies

just cute

playing with Daddy

anticipating his first bite in his big boy high-chair

Tanner's fav. position


that's more like it

Playgroup at our house.
Jake, Hudson, & Tanner. All very thoughtful

Tanner in the pool

Mother's Day

Random but funny to me :)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tanner and Friends

Hank, Tanner, Brittain, Will
Annie & Will, Me & Tanner, Missy & Hank, Tori & Brittain

Some of my square 1 mommies and babies-I think we were missing about 10 moms & babies

Carson, Tanner, Emerson, and Braysen