Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Trip to Boston!

A sweet friend of mine gave me a free ticket to go visit Kristin in Boston!
First stop-Boston Public Library (we found a cool window)

Trinity Church

Tealux for tea. The second pic is my view from my window seat...I just LOVE all the window seats in this city!

Sleepy time- Check out my sweet travel pillow! The stuffed animal is Kristin's white blood cell...well, not actually HER blood cell...and obviously much larger than REAL blood cells....you just never know with that crazy girl! :)

Paris Creperie for chicken marinera crepes, then to a cute game store, and off to Peet's for incredible hot chocolate, reading, discussing and journaling. One of our very important discussions was about our current hair style (or lack of style)...and eventually led to making two important appointments! Last pic- we enjoy spreading all of our reading materials out.

Delicious dinner at Indian Bistro, Dessert at Finale

Tea and reading at Athan's, Public Gardens (make way for duckling)

2 haircuts please! Our husbands loved the surprise! I cut off 10 inches (it's even shorter in the back!)

It was a wonderful time with my sweet fun friend...catching up...relaxing...reading in cute cafes...people watching...encouraging each other...tea...ideal to me. :)


The Follett Family said...

It looks like you guys had a great time! I am going to have to put Boston on the list of places to go!

Love the hair!

Kristin said...

hahaha! that is so funny! good work on the captions.

kjsonntag said...


The Cochran Fam said...

You two crack me up! I LOVE the hair!

wong&wong said...

you guys are so crazy and so cute and lovable! the haircuts are so great and what fun that you braved the scissors together! and I am sure the hubbies were surprised by their "new" wives. i love watching the beautiful and sweet friendship you two have grown thru the years--love you both

Kyle, Mel, and Samuel said...

I LOVE y'all's hair!!!
So So Cute!!!!

The Rhodes' said...

I love your new hair cut!

Malia said...

love the broom hair cut! go brooms with short hair!!!

Missy said...

Girl, You know I love a good haircut! I am so proud of you. Actually, when i looked at the first pic I thought, "wow, linz's hair has gotten so long!" But seriously, you are beautiful all the time.

I found your blog from melissa's! I have one too. Come visit some time.


I love you!

missy & kyle

The Smiths said...

Hey linz! Here we are in the blogging world! Happy Friday!