Friday, February 6, 2009

100th day of school

Yes, today was the 100th day of school. If you are unfamiliar with the early elementary grades, this is a big deal! Naturally I invited my great-grandmother, who is 100 years old, to teach for me. Granny Imagene (with her oatmeal pantyhose) was a huge HUGE hit. Kids were helping me walk down the hall, carefully selecting level routes for me to and from recess, and making sure that with each sniffle or sneeze I was still okay. Very sweet. What I love about dressing up with my class is that they don't really want to know if that's really just Mrs. Loucks dressed up...for the most part they just play along with it and have fun imagining. I job is perfect for me. I'll include a group picture of our first grade team as soon as I get it.


Kristin said...

love it granny!

ashley said...

that is too cute! :) :) :)