Friday, February 25, 2011

who knows...

where this post will lead goes. So the latest thing we've been up to is this cra-zy workout and nutrition plan called insanity. No lie-it's insane. We've done the mealy thing for two weeks and of course my hub is dropping the poundage right and left. ridiculous. (he has been keeping a food journal to keep a record of his calories...which i want nothing to do with...after all, that would mean I would have to write down that AMAZING bunkies donut a friend gave me this morning, shoot, and the package of m&m's another friend gave me yesterday. Man, i have great friends...they really are standing beside me on my fitness journey. :) We've only actually worked out 4 times (mainly because we are giving so many hours of our lives to american idol) but you just wait..we're about to kick it into high gear.

next topic: uh...Tanner. He randomly reveals words he knows. Yesterday morning I sneezed and he said "bless". Who taught him that! Freaky! We were walking up to Target and all the sudden he shouts out, "Bi!" he was pointing to a bike. Are you kidding me. Made me think twice this morning as we danced to my potty mouth workout mix...gotta do somethin' about that.

next: um..I've GOT to get one of my favorite candles TODAY! My house smells like salmon...but only because I actually made salmon. Don't worry. In case you were wondering, my dream candle is one of the volcano ones that Anthropologie is often burning at north park. I could live in that store. no joke.

next: Brooks..can't wait to see your face tomorrow at the park!
random pics:

Valentine's Day playgroup
Jack and Kai
Tanner & Sawyer

First time I let T hold his own juice box. Death grip

Bath time at Grammy & Pops. Thank goodness for the strainer

Valentine's Day playgroup

He loves his hat, and his "bell"


Roger said...

Thanks you so much for the update finally! Can't wait to see your face as well. And can't wait to hold a solid conversation with T-Bo. Love the pics - keep them coming!

gale marsh said...

Great stuff for sure...
I love all the new pictures...
He is growing up so fast.
Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow.

Emily said...

He is so stinking cute! I applaud you for doing insanity I dont even know if I would attempt it! Im sure it will be worth it!

Anonymous said...

tanner is precious! and growing up so fast (just like our little one)... can't believe it:) hope y'all are well - good luck with insanity. i'll pray for you;)