Tuesday, June 14, 2011

cancun with the esposos!

peace out! this mama is off duty! we celebrated our 5 year anniversary and shellie & brian celebrated shell's bday. cheers amigos!

First afternoon by the beach. We couldn't believe we were actually in cancun! aye aye!
That's right...my suit looks like rainbowfish. All I need is one sparkly fin...

the handsome esposos. thankful that the hubs had each other b/c shellie and I were perfectly content sitting in the sun reading all day...the boys, not so much.

did I mention we pretty much read all day :) We did take breaks, however, to chat about what was happening in our book, point out a cute swimsuit, get a bev or pizza, talk about our sweet babies, play a little bump-set-spike with the hubs in the pool...but most often you could find us looking like this above.

love them. time. of. my. life.

oh hub...you are never this serious

All this to say, the trip was a dream. great time with great friends. lots of fun memories-ready to go again! Thank you camp grammy & pops for taking excellent care of t-rex, and making this all possible :)


Emily said...

looks like you guys had lots of fun! So cool you did that for your anniversary! 5 years woohoo!

Laura said...

What a fun trip!! I'm so glad you were both able to take a break for a few days with your hubs & friends!

Ashleigh said...

Looks like you had an awesome trip!!! SO fun to meet you today. :)

Katie Norwood said...

fun! Glad you got to get away. Did you just LOVE The Help???? Reading by the pool is like my favorite thing in the world!